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I Build Custom Fitness Plans to help you with YOUR goals

For Specific Body Type Fitness, that don't need customization, Check Out

Power Lifting

Bulking Diet

Leaning Up

Keto Diet

Toning Up

Paleo Diet

Bulking at 210lbs, March 2016

Bulking at 210lbs, March 2016

Workout Type= Power Diet= Bulk Meals Goals=Over 200lbs, Bench 315lbs

Leaning 198lbs, May 2016

Leaning 198lbs, May 2016

Workout Type= Leaning Diet= Keto Goals= Start doing more cardio and Work Problem Areas.

Toning 181lbs, June 2016

Toning 181lbs, June 2016

Workout Type: Toning Diet: Paleo Goals: See 6 Pack, Cut

-Your Trainer-


Wanting to share my knowledge with others, I have been training people and giving out diet plans since 2009 and got my bachelors degree from Colorado State University in 2013.

I Train Naturally with no hidden. I won't push any supplements I wouldn't take or give you any advice that I haven't done myself. I was blessed with workout mentors growing up and I want to be that to you. 


Remember, people take shortcuts within the fitness community. Like ads in magazines, trainers, or physique body builders that have the "perfect body", most of the time start by cheating and seeing a lot of success, but down the road get hit with terrible side affects. So just learn the Natural Way to begin with and thank me later. 


Don't be fooled by the media!


To Learn More about Me Click Below.... 




Custom Combo 

(A $500 Value)

Custom Diet & Custom Workout


What you will receive?
  • A custom workout and/or diet plan specific to your needs and wants, to see guaranteed results
  • Every week you get an email with your updated plan.
  • Grocery lists and specific information makes my custom plans as easy as possible for you



I have been annoyed by all my family to start working out and get off the couch, but I didn't want to go to the gym. I found pandaprayfitness online and contacted Austin directly. I ended up purchasing the combo pack for the last 5 months now and have lost 35 lbs. just from simple diet plans and home workouts. Thanks for getting me off the couch.


I have lost 20 pounds in three months and am very dedicated to working out and making myself healthier thanks to Austin and pandaprayfitness.


I am athletic and I was bored of just jogging and running around town so I found Austin through a recommendation of mine and am addicted to his workouts and diets he put me on. He is very transparent and doesn't make things up for you to sign back up with him. He cares a lot about his customers, being that I am one of them. I KNOW. :)

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